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high life

So I think I’ve mentioned this before, but my BOYFRIEND has turned into our resident expert on flax crackers. Yesterday, he made his variation of the sun-dried tomato and herb crackers from RAW FOOD REAL WORLD. He makes them a little spicier, and they are SERIOUSLY good. The only problem…he actually added up the receipts this time and figured out that it cost over $30 to make one batch of flax crackers. OY! This might put a serious damper on our flax cracker honeymoon.

30 dollar flax crackers

Here they are in all their glory.


We had an avocado that was at it’s peak yesterday. So we made some simple guacamole (avo and salt), with some super hot salsa, raw sour cream, and the deluxe mole sauce (with a few deluxe additions) from the TAMALE recipe.


I think it’s actually better than the corn flax shells. And possibly healthier. I guess at the raw restaurant they have here in MINNEAPOLIS, they don’t use any corn or soy as it’s apparently impossible to get non-GMO corn or soy.

Maybe the $30 flax crackers aren’t so bad?

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