Onion Planting at Riverbend Farm

For Memorial Day this year, we went on an interesting adventure. We went to see where some of our food is made. Tracy Singleton (owner of our favorite restaurant, the BIRCHWOOD CAFE) invited us to an onion planting on an organic farm.

me on farm
I’m actually not sure if I’ve ever even been on a farm. It was a fantastic experience.

I saw some things I’ve never seen before.

This is the inside of one of the greenhouses.

lettuce seedlings
They had every variety of lettuce you could think of.

onion face
But we were just focused on onions this day.

We loaded up all the seedlings on a flatbed (or actually three flatbeds daisy-chained to the back of a truck) and moved them out to the field.

planning stage
Then, we started getting organized – matching varieties to the row they were to be planted in.

Did you know that there is actually a variety of onion named after me? It’s a pretty well kept secret.

alisacraigOne of the other people there (I think it was Adam from COMMON ROOTS) kept calling them the Jenny Craig strain because he couldn’t remember my name. And somebody else commented that if they were Jenny Craig onions, they would have pesticides and MSG.  (A little farm humor to brighten your day).  Yep.  Jenny Craig has Valerie Bertinelli.  But Alisa Craig has yours truly. 
Anyway, back to the onion planting.  Once we got everything organized came the hard part…

…the part where we actually started planting things.

I came prepared with my gardening gloves. They actually came in quite handy.

The rows were already marked for us. We just needed to stay in the lines (tire treads).

farm yoga
I invented a new yoga pose in the process. It’s called the farmer. This was actually doing some amazing things for my chronically tense upper back.

These girls were hard at work.

I didn’t catch her name, but this little girl was the hardest worker there. She lasted longer than I did.

flourescent bug
They have strange fluorescent bugs on the farm. This one kinda reminds me of the Willem Dafoe character from the Spider Man movie.

obama hat
What a wonderful day! We planted somewhere between 35-50,000 onion seedlings. We got some inside tips about growing arugula. We had a fantastic lunch. Best of all, we got to connect with lots of other people who really care about food. I met another foodie blogger, Lee. You should check out his blog, SIMPLE GOOD AND TASTY.

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