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So, as I MENTIONED in earlier posts, my big initiative for this year is to eat more greens. And since I live in Minnesota and it’s the middle of the winter, the best way to achieve the freshest greens is of course indoor gardening. Well, I also live in a 325 square foot TINY apartment with my boyfriend. So I needed to get creative.


So I measured out my window and went to ikea and picked out this shelf to fit in front of it. It also that had shelves which were the perfect size to fit my cafeteria trays. I suppose you could order some sprouting trays. But ANN WIGMORE recommends cafeteria trays in her book. So, I figured if it was good enough for Ann Wigmore, it was good enough for me (Ann Wigmore cured herself of chronic diarrhea by developing her own wheatgrass/sprout garden. Did I mention that I’m obsessed with Ann Wigmore?)

sprouting wheat

To start, I soaked the seeds in a jar for 12 hours. These are wheatgrass seeds. I forgot to take a picture of the sprout seeds, but you get the idea. Soak the seeds for 12 hours. Then, rinse and let them sprout for 12 hours. I rinsed mine about 3 times during that 12 hours.

tray of dirt

Then, I spread some nice organic soil on a cafeteria tray.

wheat sprouts dirt

mixed sprouts dirt

Next, I spread my baby sprouts over the tray. The top tray is my tray of wheatgrass. The bottom tray is a mixed tray of sprouts. The black seeds on the left are sunflower, the middle is buckwheat, and the right is a fancy sprout mix (containing daikon radish, arugula, and cress).


I covered the sprouts with another cafeteria tray (I’m using 12 X 16″), and put them somewhere dark for 2-3 days. Since I’m not really using my oven for anything these days, I’ve turned it into my little sprout lab.

wheat one

sprouts one

During this time, I periodically check on them to make sure they are happy and have enough water but not too much (don’t want to see mold).

wheat two

The wheatgrass starts growing these white spiky shafts first. Once they get tall enough that they start raising the tray, I put them out in the light.

sprouts three

This little guy seems like he’s looking for the light. So…into the window they go…

wheat three

The shafts start turning green right away.

sprouts four

These guys start looking like little martians too.

wheat four

Next, little blades of grass start shooting out of the shafts.

sprouts five

The buckwheat (on the right) is going crazy!

wheat five

The blades keep getting taller…

sprouts six

The buckwheat is taking over the tray! The sunflower seeds are the ones on the left. The fancy mix is on the right.

wheatgrass today

Here is my wheatgrass this morning. It looks super healthy – way better than what they had at the coop. I never had reason to notice before. But yesterday I checked them out and the blades were thinner and a darker green. They’re probably several days older.

sprouts today

I think these guys are gonna be ready to harvest soon. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have to start coming up with some recipes. I’ll keep you posted…

(Here is my FIRST POST on this topic if you want to read more on the setup.)

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