My 'friend', Darryl


Well, I finally got it…my diagnosis. I’ve ELUDED to this somewhat previously and you can get an inkling from what propelled me on this journey in my ABOUT page. But essentially, I have a few chronic health problems which started after I unwittingly lived over an open sewer main for four years. In the beginning, things were much more acute. I had a horribly persistent cough which was very very loud and made it very difficult to breathe and very persistent diarrhea. Since then, things have broken up a bit. Now, I experience the problems more as flare-ups whenever I breathe some bad (to me) air or eat the wrong thing (and often even when I don’t). Noone can say specifically what is causing the problem. The way I experience it is like an immune system issue. As if my immune system is extremely overly sensitized and will blast off at full guns from the slightest implication. The way that it has been categorized by the doctors is that I have asthma and IBS. IBS is kind of a catch-all diagnosis – like bronchitis. It basically just means that I have chronic diarrhea and they don’t know why. I feel weird talking about this on the internet. But what I’m finding is that people who haven’t experienced this problem really don’t want to hear about it. And while I do my best to suffer in silence, I’m feeling overwhelmed lately with how to deal with it. I feel like it’s slowly taking over all aspects of my life and ignoring that it exists is not going to make it go away. Still, it’s not exactly the most sparkling topic of conversation. So I’ve started referring to it as visits from my friend, Darryl.

Well, Darryl has really been on a rampage this week, and I’m feeling a little worn out. So, we’ll talk more later…

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