My First Lasagna


I can’t believe I made it this long without trying my hand at lasagna.  I actually put it on my shopping list a couple of times with good intentions, but somehow it never really happened.  Too bad I didn’t make it while it was still tomato season.  This would have been amazing with some DIRTY GIRLS.

lasagna 2

This is another recipe from RAW FOOD REAL WORLD.  This recipe is amazing and it doesn’t have any garlic in it (which is another bonus for PEOPLE ALLERGIC TO GARLIC).

making lasagna

Here’s a pic of my putting all the layers together.

piece of lasagna

I’m definitely going to have to revisit this when tomatoes are in season again (I’m still relatively clueless about the timing of produce).  Live and learn.  I mean, if I already knew I wouldn’t have anything to write in my blog about.  Right?

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