Raw Food. Real World.

This book is really glamorous, and it has a lot of good buzz. It was highly recommended to me by multiple people at a raw food potluck. The authors are almost too beautiful to be true co-owners of PURE FOOD AND WINE in New York City. (They did turn out to be too good to be true as they have since parted ways). But, the book is really amazing. While many of the recipes are rather complicated and it’s definitely geared more towards those that are more about enjoying the process than getting ‘er dun, the recipes are really really good. However, given how much work is required for most of them, it will probably take me a while to get through all this book has to offer. Realistically, I’ll probably only get to try 2-3 a month. At the same time, the recipes are really inspiring and creative. I’ve definitely gotten ideas for more day to day things I could try from the exposure. In short, this isn’t the old reliable toyota that will get you really good gas mileage on the way to work every day, but it’s already succeeded in inspiring my chain smoking bff to turn a new healthier leaf 🙂

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