tamale plate

This is another plate that my boyfriend took charge on. It’s funny because a few weeks ago, he was morally opposed to eating at home. But seemingly out of the blue, he’s turned a new leaf. And he’s GOOD at it. He got this recipe from RAW FOOD REAL WORLD, and I have to say that it was nothing short of a religious experience. The mole sauce is so rich and so delicious. But the combo of the mole, sour cream, and salsa verde is out of this world.

tamale fill mix

The tamale mix was a corn nut combo with the most delicious marinated mushrooms ever to grace the earth.

tamale filling

Then we rolled the mix into tamale wrappers.


tamale tray

While the wrapped tamales were really cute and added a lot to the presentation, we considered making a polenta next time (as the mix didn’t dry as thoroughly in the wrappers – though admittedly we were rather impatient). As a bonus, my boyfriend also made the refried beans that went with their taco recipe, and that was arguably better than the mushroom-corn only mix.

tamale batch

I have to say that these tamales may very well be the turning point where my boyfriend changes his attitude about ‘cooking’ at home. If that sticks, I would not be lying if I said that these tamales have changed my life forever.

tamale plate 2

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