Two Year Anniversary

This week is the two year anniversary of my relationship with raw food. As with everything, I have a bit of neurosis about defining it as a ‘relationship’. It’s more like we’re seeing each other. But we’re not putting a label on it. I find that I, personally, don’t really do well with labels. I’m not a person that needs a definition to motivate myself. I’m pretty much a ‘Steady Eddy’ in certain ways, and I have a generally artistic temperament. So, I instinctively rebel against labels. Trying to define myself within a certain framework is like a recipe for self-sabotage. I am most successful when I just AM. That’s when I see all the unexpected surprises and coincidences that abound…letting me know I’m in the right place.

Like when I opened my mailbox to find this wonderful surprise for my anniversary from the beautiful PENNI.

She had no idea it was my anniversary. Isn’t that cosmic?

She sent me the much coveted icing spatula for making the most delicate and perfect crackers, chips, wrappers, and skins. I’ve been wanting one of these ever since I saw BUNNY BERRY’S VIDEO demonstrating the sesame cashew dumplings from EVERYDAY RAW (one of the only recipes I haven’t made yet from that book).

I immediately got to work in my laboratory. If CHARLES BUKOWSKI wasn’t such a drunk (and he were me), he would be screaming from the mountaintops, ‘FLAX CRACKERS FOR ALL MY FRIENDS!’.

happy vday
So, Happy Anniversary to me! (I’m kind of cheating a little. This flower was for Valentine’s. But I’m following in SHANNON MARIE’S tradition of MAKING IT LAST). Plus, it’s kind of convenient that it falls on a holiday. That way, it’s easy to remember.

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