Blood Orange Crispy Fennel Salad

bocf salad
This was another AMAZING salad from EVERYDAY RAW. I’m glad he’s coming out with another book soon because I’ve almost made all the recipes in this one. And I need my MATTHEW KENNEY fix!

feta cheese
It took a few days for the forces to align on this one, but you know how it is when the stars align…I started by making this raw feta out of a macadamia nut paste that I dehydrated into a crumble.

crispy fennel
We also made these yummy bits of crispy fennel. By dehydrating a couple bulbs of marinated fennel.

blood oranges
Then, I cut out some juicy blood orange fragments…

…now you see why they call them blood oranges.

We put all the extra blood to good use in this yummy dressing.

Then, we tossed it all together with some arugula. Who knew I would one day come to love arugula.

got to have avo
My boyfriend diced up some lovely avocado slices as well. Because as he says, ‘You gotta have avo.’ What a lovely way to celebrate blood orange season.

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