A Room With a View


I have to admit. I’ve spent the better part of my life living in pretty urban environments and not really noticing or appreciating nature as much as one should. This is the view from our very tiny apartment – located in a pretty densely populated (for Minneapolis anyway) urban area surrounded by other buildings. Let’s face it. Most of the time our view stinks.

Except right now…

roomwith a view 1


These two photos were taken about a week apart from our lovely window.


Now before you get too overcome with nature and start forgetting where you are…try looking down.


We also have a very lovely view of the dumpsters next door…

dumpster diver

Lots of action down there…

Err…anyway, back to the nature scenes…

desert fire

I wanted my old roomate, Meg, to see this because she gave me this plant long ago, and it’s the only one to survive that era. This scene made me a little guilty as it reminded me of all the fires they’re having in the desert right now. It also goes really nicely with this new Robert Plant | Alison Kraus record I’ve been pretty stuck on lately.


I’ll be back next week with some more autumn inspired recipes…

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