Spicy Herb and Flax Crackers


This is my boyfriend. He’s a producer. So he spends a lot of time booking gigs and talking to people on the phone in front of his laptop. Today, he went down to Austin, TX to make a record. It was pretty slick of me to take this picture without him noticing. Anyway, last week I made him feel pretty guilty after reading RAWKIN’S post about how her boyfriend made her a flax cracker in the shape of a heart. Maybe I shouldn’t say guilty. Maybe I should say inspired. Because guess what he did?

spicy herb flax

He went and made a huge batch of the best flax crackers I’ve ever had. He got the recipe from RAW FOOD, REAL WORLD, and I have to say…I’ve tried to make flax crackers a couple times now and have been altogether unsatisfied with the results. But he did GOOD. I think the trick was forgetting about them and leaving them in the dehydrator for way too long. I don’t think all the herbs and spices hurt any either. This recipe is the bomb.

Anyway, thanks Rawkin’…

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