Summer Rolls

Here’s the inside of some collard rolls I made the other day. The recipe came from (are you starting to see a pattern?) EVERYDAY RAW. They come decked out with some chili-lime macadamia nuts (also from EVERYDAY RAW) and a spicy almond dressing which I’ve used previously on the BLUE GREEN SALAD.

There is also some carrot, cucumber, and red pepper in there.

collard leaves
Wrapped in uber-nutritious collard leaves. I felt like such a good influence because two people actually came up to me in the grocery store and asked me what they were. Who knew that I would one day become such an authority on produce. 🙂

I’ve actually tried to make some FORM of collard roll a couple times before. This might be the first version that I really liked. The last couple times, I felt like there was something missing. The macadamia nuts really balance out this recipe. Not only in an elemental way but also with the flavor.

Yay! New ways to eat collard.

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