Hot Off The Presses

city pages
Wow. This has been a crazy week in the cosmos. My mind has been spinning over all the dysfunction in our world these days. It’s enough to make anyone claustrophobic. Kinda makes you want to create your own alternate universe. I’ve been kinda HOLED UP IN MY CHEESE CAVE ALL YEAR and ignoring the outside world as much as possible. At first, I think a lot of people were worried. ‘Is she going to be okay?’ ‘You know you can die from that.’

Well, that is all worthy of another post. Which I am feeling coming on. I feel like I’m making health breakthroughs right and left. All coming up. But for today, I’m excited to share this article that was published in our local arts/entertainment rag, the CITY PAGES ABOUT PUNK RAWK LABS. I feel like this is a turning point. All this work. It’s been a truly brutal grind which I don’t wish to ever repeat (although I am so proud of what I’ve accomplished in the last year). But it’s starting to become tangible. The work, I mean. And it’s a really good feeling!

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