Addicted to Ice Cream

banana almond butter cup
Some banana almond butter cup ice cream I made with my new appliance for the summer – an ice cream maker…

ice cream maker

I got this recipe from EVERYDAY RAW and it requires to make a big block of the most delicious almond butter cup.

almond butter slices
Once the almond butter cup solidifies, you chop it into little blocks to put in your ice cream. It doesn’t take long to get addicted to dairy-free ice cream. Especially, for an asthmatic. Dairy is NOT my friend. I’ve always loved it though – since I was a little girl.
mint cacao nibs
PARTICULARLY, mint chocolate chip ice cream! Well, now I’ve found something BETTER. I can’t believe it. Not only does it not affect my breathing, but it’s arguably better. Cacao nibs instead of chocolate chips are oh so satisfying. Really dark rich flavor. Almost like dark roasted coffee (another old friend that I had a dysfunctional relationship with) except chocolate tasting. I used mint leaves from my WINDOW GARDEN for the flavoring and spinach juice for the color. Much healther alternative for someone with a touchy liver.

cherry choc chip
I never thought it would happen, but I may have found another ice cream flavor that rivals mint cacao chip as my favorite. Cherry Cacao Chip. Who knew cherries were so good in ice cream. I suppose there was always Cherry Garcia. But it’s so much better when you make it yourself.

vanilla pint
As you can see, my new ice cream maker has already seen a lot of action. This is a pint of vanilla ice cream I made yesterday. Look at those beautiful flecks of VANILLA BEAN. It’s too bad it’s starting to get cold already. Because I was just getting warmed up with my ice cream factory. I hope my dad sees this because he likes ice cream as much as I do, and he can’t eat dairy either…

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