Man’s Best Friend

harley rae
Hello out there! If you’ve been following this stream of consciousness (and I have been kinda of shocked by the far flung responses I’ve been getting to it), you will know I’ve been looking for some gentle and natural solutions to life’s big problems. My big problem right now is definitely stress. Starting a business is well, hard. It’s a lot of responsibilities. And it’s pretty easy to get consumed by all the things that need to get done. And also easy to lose site of when to stop. At least for me. With my workaholic tendencies. I got diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer recently. And for me, that was a sign. I need to slow down. But I needed some help. I kind of need someone to remind me that I need to slow down. I’m kind of bad that way. So anyway, I’ve devised a multi-faceted approach to help me with this.

first day
First off. I got a dog. This is her. Harley Rae. She is the best. dog. ever. She really keeps me in line. When I start getting obsessed with work and going overboard, she gently reminds me that it’s time to take a break.

harley rae studio
This dog has a glamorous rock and roll lifestyle. Here she is at the recording studio where my boyfriend works.

We originally planned to stop there. But when we went to the HUMANE SOCIETY, there was this adorable stray kitten. She was so little and so cute that we couldn’t help ourselves.

kittles and me
Her name is Aiko. Which means ‘love child’ in Japanese. She’s definitely a love bug. This is the snuggliest pet I’ve ever met. Now I have two new friends to help keep me in line.

record playerMy next order of business is to get the shop running with or without me. Right now, I’m like the dunkin’ donuts guy. The one from the 80’s commercial that lives, sleeps, and breathes around the donut schedule. It’s a little too stressful for gimpy girl. So I’m on my way to listening to more records (check out our office stereo) and sitting down and doing more paperwork.  Almost there.

I have the power to heal myself!  And that is exactly what I’m going to do…

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