Tour Goodies

radio city roof
Look how glamorous my boyfriend’s life is. While I was visiting 105 DEGREES, he was jetsetting to NYC. This was his first time doing sound at RADIO CITY! This is a picture he took from the roof.

sound boardHe said the room sounded amazing! They really know what they’re doing there. I bet it sounded great. I know I’m kind of biased, but my boyfriend is so uber-talented. He can make any room sound great. He is the difference between a band sounding good and having a transcendent experience. I am so excited because on Tuesday night, I get to meet ROBERT PLANT! RP covered two songs written by the band that he traveled to Radio City with (LOW). My boyfriend recorded the original versions. So it should be an interesting night!!

live live
The nice thing about my boyfriend being a world traveler is that he brings me raw snacks from his travels. He brought me lots of samples from LIVE LIVE ORGANIC.

kale chips
I gobbled THESE DOWN in no time at all. They were waiting for me when I got home from Oklahoma. I tried to save some, but I wasn’t very successful.

I also got to try BRAD’S for the first time. It’s a really interesting concept. Like a cross between a flax cracker and a kale chip. Haven’t tried that before!

macaroonsI only got one of these, but maybe that’s a good thing. As I’m having a flare-up of this thrush infection that has been stalking me. I guess they’re really common in people with IMMUNE SYSTEM ISSUES. It’s kind of a drag. The only way to really get rid of it is to cut out the sugar completely which was traumatic the first time I had to do it. Though I’ve gotten better at it.

chocI haven’t cracked into this beauty yet. I suppose I should before my boyfriend gets to it. It’s a tough call…fight off the thrush or try gourmet chocolate from NYC? Hmm…Tough one. What would you do? I might have to live with the thrush for an extra day or two. 🙂
Here’s the roof in the daytime. Pretty cool view!

radio city
Here’s the view from the stage. Kinda makes you feel like a rockette. Almost.

The last trip he went on before this was to Austin for SXSW. These were AMAZING. And they are especially good with my SMOKED CASHEW MAC CHEESE. It’s like a match made in heaven. Too bad my boyfriend also brought back a nasty bug from Austin. It seemed like everyone who went down there, came back sick. That’s what you get for having too much fun, I guess.

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