Back at 105

Yesterday, I made it back to 105 DEGREES for the first time since GRADUATION. They were having a tasting and a presentation by none other than MATTHEW KENNEY. I was so relieved to find this bottle of kefir in the shop. Kefir is my number one weapon against recurring CANDIDA flare-ups (which I’m currently staving off).

They had some champagne too (which I, sadly, can’t have). But my mom really liked it.

beet ravioli
This was the beet ravioli. The beet had a very interesting texture. I’m really curious how they accomplished that.

I’m not exactly sure what this was. The server said it was a cheddar cashew wrap. My mom said I should tell Matthew Kenney that it would have been excellent with a touch of wasabi. I would have except there were people filming his every move.

sesame gelato
This was the sesame gelato. I was expecting this to be sweet and not savory. I thought the mushroom was some sort of chocolate/graham cracker like garnish. It kind of reminded me of this one time in first grade when my mom (who every day for weeks beforehand put milk in my thermos) switched up the program and gave me lemonade. I was expecting milk. So when it was lemonade, I thought it was rotten. The same thing happened here. I might have liked it a lot better otherwise.

Afterwards, MK gave an excellent presentation on the benefits of raw food. I was really excited because my parents were there (and they are not really sure what to make of what I eat still). I was hoping that some of the message might sink in a little. I’m sad to report though that my mom went through the McDonald’s drive-thru afterwards and ate fries for dinner. Well, I tried anyway. I’ll keep working at it.

It was nice to see the restaurant so packed. I also saw my instructor, LADAN, Megan (who runs the Academy now), and KELLY LEE (the GM). It was great to check in with people again. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since graduation. Things have definitely not UNFOLDED how I would have guessed. Matthew Kenney said we were all warriors on the battlefield that is the food industry. All the real warriors get a little gimpy now and then, right? So, I guess you could say that I’m right on target. 🙂

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