Inspiration is Everywhere

pad thai
Check out this pad thai I made the other day. I have to tell you that it tastes as good as it looks. I would like to take credit, but really I got the recipe out of CHARLIE TROTTER’S book. OMG! This book is amazing.

This is the Arugula Caesar Salad from that book. It’s garnished with these amazing croutons and a pine nut parmesan.

These croutons will blow your mind. I’m serious…Speaking of blowing your mind…

standing bow
Last weekend, we went to the Regional Yoga Asana Championships. International Yoga Champions, BRANDY LYN WINFIELD and KASPER VAN DEN WIJNGAARD did the most jaw droppingly inspiring demonstration of the mind/body/spirit connection I have ever seen. Remember the STANDING BOW POSE from last week? Well, this is what it’s supposed to look like.

Some of the stuff they were doing was insane. I was literally gasping in disbelief. I’m sure I was annoying everyone around me. But I just couldn’t fathom it.

The pictures don’t even do it justice. You really should go to KASPER’S web site and check out the videos.

defy gravity
If I ever get to the point where I can do this pose, you’ll know that I’ve died and gone to heaven. Seriously!

ecopolitan Needless to say, this YOGA AND RAW FOOD REGIMEN that I’m on right now is changing my life. I’m not kidding. My body is going through some massive changes right now. I mean, for the last four years I’ve been kinda stuck in a very dysfunctional place. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been working on it. Slowly but surely. But it takes time for changes to start sinking in. It really feels right now like I’m starting to bust through some barriers. Which, I should add, looks pretty messy in the during. But I have a good feeling about it.

My boyfriend is getting hopelessly spoiled. Last week, I made these cranberry strudel. My friend, KELLY DENNIS, came up with this recipe. She is a pastry genius!!

tulipsMy friend, Kristen, gave me these tulips for making her lunch. Aren’t they pretty? I love them. I’m also trading food for guitar lessons. The answers are just coming to me. I’ve decided that this year my number one priority is my health. I think that just allowing myself to have this priority is a HUGE step. There are always barriers. But nothing is more important. I think that just making this shift in my mind is going to have beautiful ramifications. No more excuses. No more obstacles. It’s just that simple.

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