Troubled Waters

troubled waters
Well, the good news is that ever since I posted the announcement about my KALE CHIPS, I’ve been a busy bee. I did however find time to attend a special screening of this movie, Troubled Waters. This movie sparked quite the CONTROVERSY locally when it was censored by the UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA. Apparently, there were some concerns that many of the questions raised in the film would RUFFLE SOME FEATHERS with some big time funders.

Of course, being the progressive state that Minnesota is (with a huge network of grass roots activists), this only served to draw more attention to the movie.

Who knew that my NEIGHBORHOOD watering hole was in the midst of such a crisis. I was wholly unaware of the extent of it. The movie details many of the water issues that have arisen after years of industrialized agriculture in this region. The runoff from overuse of anhydrous ammonia and other chemicals has had a huge impact on the Mississippi creating dead zones in the gulf and contaminating water sources all along the way. This is a HUGE problem that is not being addressed. What’s interesting to me personally is that ammonia was one of the toxic chemicals I was exposed to in excess (causing my myriad of health issues). They talked about animals in the movie that were exposed and had similar health problems. People don’t know it yet, but this is going to be a HUGE health issue for my generation and generations to follow. Take note, my friends!

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