Kale Chips Online

kale chips
I am some big news to announce today. You might remember THESE? My very own line of kale chips! These kale chips have done a lot for me.

kale chips close
They NOURISHED ME BACK TO HEALTH after my ACCIDENT. And now they are my perfect physical therapy. I can’t say enough good things about them. These little guys are so healthy, it’s amazing.

kale chips
So far, I’ve been getting a pretty enthusiastic response to them. From vegans and non-vegans alike. After all, what’s not to like about kale chips?

boxed up
Last week, I shipped my first case to the CROW WING FOOD COOP in Brainerd, MN!

So far, this is the only store that carries them, BUT you can now order your very own kale chips ONLINE! What’s more? Yesterday, I put out a special offer to subscribers of my eZine (<--Links in margin) explaining how to have a free bag mailed to you. There is still one bag left. That one lucky person COULD BE YOU!

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