Granny Gardening

Look at me! I made it to the garden the other day with my walker. I can’t really water yet, but it’s nice to be around all the butterflies and greenery.

For those that haven’t gotten the memo, I had a little CAR CRASH the other day. It’s funny how euphorically happy I’ve been since. It’s like it triggered some biochemical happiness center.

poi dog pondering
The other car hit me ride at my driver door. I’m not sure how hard, but I remember seeing her bumper on the ground when they were carrying me away to the ambulence.

My boyfriend took this picture of the seat I was sitting in when he went to pick up our things out of the car. So far, they’ve found three fractures in my hip. So I guess you could say I’m mobility challenged. But I feel really lucky. It could have been a LOT worse. I am so grateful to be here. I have a whole new perspective on things.

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