Crop Mobs

impalingOn Saturday, I went out to RIVERBEND FARM again as part of a ‘crop mob’. This is my third visit to the farm with Tracy Singleton, owner of the BIRCHWOOD CAFE (my FAVORITE restaurant). Tracy is an enthusiastic leader in the local foods movement here, and she organizes groups of people to visit the farm once a month. Here’s an action shot she took of me staking tomatoes (this was actually taken the day before my CAR WRECK). What a difference a day makes!

gregThis is Greg Reynolds, farmer extraordinaire. He is the owner of RIVERBEND FARM. Greg has been practicing organic farming on a thirty acre farm just outside Minneapolis. He produces food for the natural food coops in our area, restaurants, Farm to School programs, and CSA subsribers. Greg is very zen. Once thing that strikes me about him is his aura. Everyone in life has a river that runs through them of energy. City people (even the mellow ones) have a frenetic energy about them. Not Greg. He is amazingly placid. As if there is nothing that he does that doesn’t serve some purpose. It’s hard to fathom or describe. But it’s something I’ve noticed.

luciaThis is Lucia. She is also a leader in the local foods movement and the owner of LUCIA’S. Lucia has received the James Beard Nomination for Best Chef in the Midwest THREE times! She also brought our amazing lunch that day (after getting down and dirty in the fields). Our mission was to fix up the tomato fields. Here you can see her with our mulching agent, straw. I learned the difference between hay and straw on Saturday. Hay is for eating. Straw is for mulching.

We got a lot done! We layed down drip tape to water the tomatoes and then staked and mulched them. We fixed up over 2000 tomato plants! I’m so happy I made it out to the farm before I broke my hip!!

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