Juice Fasting and Detoxification

A friend of mine sent me a message out of the blue recently. He said he was cleaning his house, and he came across this book that he thought I might like. ‘Sure, I’ll take it,’ I said. He sent me this.

Honestly, I haven’t really felt up to anything like this. I’ve had to work through a lot of crud the last few years, and this innately has felt like too much for me. But, it’s been coming up a lot lately. And the book is kind of absorbing to me. I’m also at a point right now where I really feel like I need to break through some barriers. Being back in my old context has caused a number of health issues to resurface that frankly kind of scare me. I really need to cut the slop out of my system if I’m going to move out of this space. I’m not sure if this is the answer for me. But it seems attractive at the moment. My boyfriend has been talking about getting a HUROM. Maybe the forces are aligning for me? Time will tell…

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