Goddess Chips

goddess chips

I got this recipe from CARMELLA‘S blog. Carmella is a really groovy girl from Canada. I think she’s about the same age as me. She been doing the raw thing since 2000, I think. So she’s pretty knowledgeable, and her blog is really informative. She also started a FORUM which I’ve been frequenting.

Above is a pic of my bag of goddess chips. I was gonna take a pic of the whole batch, but they went pretty fast. I made mine with half regular kale and half dinosaur kale. They tasted pretty similar, but I think next time I’ll definitely go with the dinosaur kale. Texture-wise, the dino kale comes out looking more like chips and less like dehydrated lettuce which I think is hard for some people to get past. I love these chips though. They totally satisfy your snack urge. But best of all, they don’t make you sleepy later.

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