The Last Supper

the line
WOW. It’s hard to believe. Last night was our last SUNDAY SUPPER. This time, it was a collaboration of all the Level Two students…

level two
Here’s a picture of all of us (taken by RUSSELL). From left to right, we are: Hillary, yours truly, SONJA, and HELEN.

Each of us drew a menu item out of a hat to determine which course we were assigned to.

Hillary drew the amuse bouche. She didn’t actually attend the supper, but LADAN served the bouche in her honor.

Helen drew the appetizer. She made this beautiful hearts of romaine salad with herbed cheese and a citrus vinaigrette.

the don
Here she is making quenelles with Don scaring off mobsters in the background.

The entree was a pasta primavera by Sonja featuring linguine noodles cut to order. Apparently, Sonja gave herself a sore arm from cutting linguine noodles.

Look at this weird zucchini screw that remained afterwards. I want one of those on my plate!

last supper
This picture of Sonja cracks me up. She kinda looks like she’s been hanging out at the BATES MOTEL, doesn’t she? Somebody has cut one too many zucchini noodles this evening…

My course was the dessert…strawberry shortcake.

Except for this one. There was one person who requested anything but strawberries. So, I made this one special.

Kinda sad, isn’t it? I hope I don’t start crying like a big baby on Friday. I’ll keep you posted…

oh PS! Dawn from HAPPY HEALTHY BALANCE posted a link to the first video of my UNCOOKING SHOW yesterday. She even wrote out the recipes with some ideas of her own. You should check it out. 🙂

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