Getting in Touch with Nature


So one of the side effects of going raw that you hear people talking about it that it makes you tune into nature and exist at a higher ‘vibrational frequency’. Now I admit that hearing things like that initially seemed, well, kinda weird. I’ve always had this irrational fear when I was in my twenties of older new age freaky people. I just knew that I was never going to get into Yanni among other things that I just didn’t relate to at the time. But I have to admit. Something IS happening. That I can’t put my finger on precisely, but I’m convinced that I can groove to it with something other than Yanni.

One thing I’ve noticed…I’ve all the sudden gotten good with plants. At least, I’ve been paying more attention to them lately. I actually am still in denial that this is MY plant.


Isn’t it pretty?

Another thing that I’m all the sudden becoming very aware of is garbage. As in how much garbage I generate. And I all of a sudden feel really compelled to start composting. I am in the midst of moving right now. So I haven’t started yet. But one of my criteria for my new place is that I want to have a small garden. And I want to compost all my produce. Eating all these vegetables, I first started noticing that my trash stinks a lot. But I also realize that it’s mostly just produce. And that throwing it in plastic bags and burying them in landfills is just…well, it’s just not how things were intended. And I realize how much difference it makes after a year if just little old me made a little adjustment.

The other thing I’ve noticed lately is a little more weird. But somehow, I’ve noticed myself being more tuned into the earth. I know that sounds weird. But it’s happening. Like the other day. I was riding my bike. And it was one of those off and on rainy days. Well, I’d be riding down the street, and for some unknown reason feel compelled to stop and get a salad at the coop. And I’d go in and sit down in the deli and all of the sudden it would start pouring down rain out of nowhere. And I’d eat my salad and read the paper and when I was done it would be bright and sunny. So I’d be on my merry way and the same thing happened again that day twice. Enough to make me stop and think. Hmmm?

Don’t worry though.  I haven’t started wearing socks with birkenstocks…yet.

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