Asian Station

Things have been heating up in the raw food kitchen here. I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to post. So hopefully, the next few days will be a barrage of sorts. I just finished my rotation in the Asian station. Pictured here, is the pho (one of the top sellers in that station). It was my favorite dish when the new menu came out. I’ve been finding since being here that my favorite dish doesn’t seem to last long. It’s hard to stay committed in this environment.

kimchee dumplings
My nemesis on this station has definitely been the kimchee dumplings. I was definitely grumbling under my breath over these things. Here you can see my less than perfect dumplings. They’re persnickety little buggers.

As the week progressed, I started to get into a flow with them. Once we accepted that we didn’t like each other, our relationship evolved.

coconut curry
The coconut curry is another hot seller on the Asian station (also a former favorite dish).

close up
On my last day, I was dubbed the ‘Dumpling Queen’ by Kelly Lee (the General Manager) here. She DID NOT like my nascent dumpling attempts, and she let me know. So, it was kind of nice to rise above the ashes of my dumpling failure and triumph. Well, at least it sounds good on paper.

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