The Smoking Gun

smoking gun
While we’re on the topic of FANCY GADGETS, I should tell you about the Smoking Gun. I love the smoking gun. It’s basically a way to infuse foods with smoke flavor without heating them. Plus, it has a catchy name which is handy for one-liners (always a plus in the restaurant business where one-liners are a social currency of sorts).

Today, my mission (yes, I chose to accept it) was to smoke these tofu bits.

how it works
Basically, it works kind of like a HOOKAH (more social currency). You have some little wood chips in the gun which are burned, and the smoke travels through the rubber tube to some apparatus which contains your unsmoked material. Like so.

smokingOnce a good amount of smoke is transferred to your container, it’s sealed off (an airtight container is nice for this) until the smoke settles. The amount of time varies depending on how smokey you want the flavor to be.  Since this was my first time doing this, I arbitrarily chose ten minutes as a good time frame.  The flavor that resulted was pretty strong.  Almost too strong.  I think that tofu (being a fairly permeable material) is pretty accepting of the influence.

The chips are placed here. (Needless to say, somebody was racking up currency today. I wouldn’t want to implicate anyone. But it was not me, of course).

The flavor is determined by the type of wood the chips are made of. Today, I tried four flavors: cherrywood, mesquite, applewood, and hickory. I liked Applewood the best. And so did our new instructor. Did I mention that we have a new instructor here?

russell and ladan
RUSSELL JAMES is in the house! He just started Monday. We have some ANARCHY FROM THE UK.

punk rock russellIronically, I accidentally took this picture of Russell in front of a tray of wheatgrass. Pretty punk rock. He looks almost like Sid Vicious there. In a further show of synchronicity, I found a MUG SHOT of Sid on the SMOKING GUN web page. He’s like Sid Vicious in BIZARRO WORLD. Instead of heroine, he does wheatgrass. Did I mention that Russell was going to be a record producer before he discovered raw food? He’s been filling me in about the UK music scene.

Speaking of, I got some REALLY BAD NEWS today…ABBEY ROAD IS CLOSING!!! I am so depressed. I wanted to get my record mastered there. It was a secret dream. I’ve been working on this record for at least ten years. And the reason it’s taking so long is because I want to do it right. I want it to be recorded ALL ANALOG. The number of places that can accomodate that shrinks daily. But ABBEY ROAD! They’ve been doing it forever. They know what they’re doing, and they have a lot of people working there that have been there a LONG TIME. This is tragic! It’s not just in the food industry where people are cutting corners. This whole world needs a change of priorities.

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