The AntiGriddle

One of the cool perks of culinary school is that we get to experiment with state of the art equipment. Presenting…the AntiGriddle. It actually looks a lot like lab equipment (did I mention that I used to be a SCIENTIST?).

pouringIt’s a lot like a griddle. But instead of searing things, it freezes them on contact. The surface of the antigriddle is cooled to -30 degrees F (sounds like Minnesota). You can pour liquids onto the griddle and they’ll solidify. Here we are doing an experiment with some maple syrup. You can freeze sauces into little garnishes that will literally melt in your mouth. You can also create crazy designs. It allows you to easily manipulate the transition of a medium from liquid to solid.

For example, you could make a spiral out of chocolate ganache.

Or an instant pudding pop.

A little tahini disc with pistachio crumbles.

choc curry
My favorite was the chocolate disc with curried cashew pieces. YUM!

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