Sunday Supper: Ladan

This week’s Sunday Supper was presented by our instructor, Ladan Raissi. The first course was an organic carrot soup with a sprouted lentil cracker. Delicious! The flavors were so refined. I think as a beginning chef, the tendency is to knock people out with flavor and flash. But an accomplished chef let’s the food speak for itself.

This is what the food was saying on Sunday night.

The second course was completely inspirational. It was a brazil nut and sprouted wheatberry risotto. WOW. My boyfriend (who was visiting) was completely blown away. It was technically amazing! I have no idea how she did it, but a person would have had to make a LOT of risotto in their time to accomplish this.

poached pear
The final course was a poached pear with a hazelnut marscapone. Delightful. Not too sweet. But mystifying. Kinda makes you wonder what possibilities lie ahead after years and years of practice…

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