Chef's Table

yes chef
Last week, I completed my rotation at the chef’s table. The timing couldn’t have been more impeccable as I had just the week before obsessively watched an entire season of HELL’S KITCHEN with GORDON RAMSAY. Here I am with my clipboard getting ready to knock some chef’s in line.

On Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay runs a tight ship, and he commands respect. All the aspiring chef’s address him in military fashion answering all his inquiries with an enthusiastic, ‘YES, CHEF!’ Well, truth be told, I didn’t lay down the law quite so forcefully. Though I was successful in getting HELEN to respond to me with a ‘Yes, Chef.’ Admittedly, it was less enthusiastic and more giggly. But hey. Everyone’s got to start somewhere, right? Here is Helen dropping off some marvelous tuber rolls at the pass (this is where dishes pass hands from the kitchen to the wait staff).

whatever chef
Nina was on the Latin station this week. She wasn’t quite as enthusiastic with the ‘YES, CHEF.’ Well, actually, I don’t think she was into it at all. She kind of looks like she’s thinking to herself, ‘WHATEVER. I just make nachos.’

She DOES make a mean plate of nachos though. So I let it slide…

This is SONJA, and she’s all business. Not really. But the ITALIAN STATION will drive anyone to that. It’s definitely the busiest station in the house. No time for Gordon Ramsay role playing here. 🙂

Don’t worry though. She always makes time for the food. Look at this perfect plate of canneloni that Sonja put up to the pass.

The pass is also the unofficial headquarters of the paparazzi.

This has got to be the most well documented pass in the blogosphere.

anjela cakeLast Friday ended with a fun surprise. Anjela had secretly made a cake for Helen’s birthday. She told everyone that it was a special so that Helen wouldn’t get suspicious. Then, unbeknownst to Helen, we gathered everyone in the restaurant and started singing ‘Happy Birthday.’





HELEN was so surprised! I think it really made her day.

helen's cake
And mine too. The cake was really yummy!

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