State of Emergency

open for business
This weekend I am getting some much needed rest thanks to Mother Nature. She just KNEW how badly I needed it. Things are starting to improve today. The restaurant was open for business again.

But yesterday, this was about as close as I got to the outside. Oklahoma declared a state of emergency, and school was closed. This is actually the SECOND state of emergency declared since I’ve been here. They seem to declare states of emergency at the drop of a hat around here. In Minnesota, this would be more like a state of normalcy. But I’m not going to complain because I definitely needed some time to relax. I’ve been spending a lot of time sleeping the last few days. I definitely feel like I’m working through some things. I think I’m finally starting to get ahead of my CANDIDA infection. My symptoms are starting to change again. At first, I was having extreme headaches and mood swings and well…purulent drainage among other things. But those things have started to improve. Now I’m in a stage of extreme sleepiness. I’ve definitely gone through periods like this before esp when I was recovering from LIVER troubles. When one’s liver is under a lot of stress, a unique kind of sleepiness develops. It’s not the kind of thing you can fight through. It’s the kind of thing where you need to drop whatever you’re doing and go to bed. DO NOT PASS GO. DO NOT COLLECT $200. Just got to bed. That’s where I’m at currently. So, I know I’m working out something big.

pecan bun
I went into school today because I was supposed to assist with a detox class, but nobody came because of the weather. So I ordered myself a kale caesar and a pecan bun. And then I went back to sleep. It doesn’t seem like much is happening on the surface. But just below that, something BIG is happening. I’ll keep you posted on my progress…

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