Sunday Supper: Sonja

This week’s Sunday Supper featured the lovely SONJA (who has made a COUPLE of APPEARANCES on my blog thus far). Sonja is originally from Switzerland (did I mention that we had a very international group?). Her first course was stupendous. She actually made bowls out of coconuts. She cut them with a hacksaw, literally. Then, she cleaned them out meticulously and dehydrated them. AMAZING PRESENTATION! The soup was delicous too!

This was the evening’s special menu insert. The Sunday Supper feature is served as a package for the lucky participants.

The entree was a Pineapple Curry Noodle dish featuring everyone’s favorite…kelp noodles! I have definitely developed an addiction to kelp noodles since I’ve arrived here. They do some amazing things with kelp noodles around here. My boyfriend came to visit me a few weeks ago and ordered a case of them when he got home.

mango cascade
This is the mango cascade. Look at the beautiful wafers she made. Sonja is the resident expert with coconut wraps and wafers. You should check out her BLOG and see what else she’s up to…

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