Keeping Up With the Joneses

Can I just tell you that keeping up with MATTHEW KENNEY is hard work? It seems like every week he’s jetting off to one or two exotic locations. Last week, it was Peru and San Fransisco. But in between trips, he sat down with our class to talk to us about our business plans. We have a number of special projects planned to prepare us for when we graduate. One of them is writing a business plan. There is actually going to be a ‘Top Chef’-like business plan contest where our plans will be evaluated by Matthew Kenney and Dara Prentice (the owners of 105 DEGREES). They will choose which business they would hypothetically invest in. I actually never changed out of my pajamas last weekend. I was glued in front of my computer working on this (and maybe watching the VIKINGS game).

news van
Business has been picking up a lot since the first of the year. It probably didn’t hurt that the news van was here a bunch last week HIGHLIGHTING the detox workshop.

ok today
OKLAHOMA TODAY has also been doing a feature on the restaurant this week. Here I am getting busted by the photographer. I’m not supposed to take HIS picture. It’s the other way around. I turned out alright though. He got over it as soon as I started bribing him with chocolate.

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