Rawkstar Dinner featuring Matt Burch

Things are starting to move pretty fast schoolwise. This week, the restaurant hosted a ‘Rawkstar Dinner’. This is a series of special dinners which feature someone in the local community.

matt burchThis dinner featured Matt Burch, owner of URBAN AGRARIAN. He’s a local food purveyor who specializes in local and organic ingredients. He provided several items that he wanted to feature on the evening’s menu, AND he actually got down and dirty with us in the kitchen too. I was pretty impressed with his knife skills.

I love this picture of the servers going over the menu with us. Don’t they look like Christmas carolers? I’m just waiting for them to break out in song.

This was the actual menu. It’s a little difficult to read though. So, let me break it down for you…

fennel tart
The first course was this beautiful fennel tart made by HELEN. It’s garnished with a blood orange reduction as well as the fennel frond, leaf, and pollen. The filling is a cashew based fennel cream, and the crust featured local Oklahoma pecans.

cheese plate
The next course was a beautiful cheese plate served with a crostini made from sprouted wheatberries, some local honey, and a tossed arugula salad.

This course was made by Anjela who is plating the dish with Ladan (our instructor).

The third course was a wild mushroom and kale ravioli served with a locally grown tomato fondue. Look at the beautiful patterns in the ravioli!

sonya and kellyThe raviolis were made by the lovely SONJA shown here with our charming pastry chef, Kelly. As you might have guessed, she has a background in graphic design. She even went to art school with one of my ex-boyfriends. Cosmic! We have a lot of strange things in common (always a good sign!).
I was working in the pastry department with Kelly. We served two courses. The first course was a kumquat cheesecake. Matt Burch has a weak spot for kumquats and so do I. I LOVE kumquats. I’m not sure what it is about them. But these were REALLY GOOD kumquats. The cheesecake was garnished with candied pistachio pieces, a kumquat syrup, and a blood orange syrup. I love how they mingled on the plate and looked like a flame.

Finally, we finished with a syrah infused chocolate truffle. YUM! The dinner was a smashing success! HOORAY!

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