Internal Sunshine Tart

Today I created my first special to run in the restaurant. I wanted to call it the ‘Internal Sunshine Tart’. I thought it was catchy, and it would be a great name for a song (what I’m more used to naming). But one of the things we are learning in school is that you want to give menu items descriptive names that give people an idea of what they’re eating. And so, my internal sunshine song became the ‘Butternut Citrus Tart’.

That was the official name anyway. But the servers were ringing it in as the ‘Striped Tart’. The tart itself was garnished with a stripe of cinnamon, a stripe of cranberry/maple sugar powder, and a stripe of orange zest/maple sugar powder. Isn’t that fancy?

squash juice
One of the other things we are learning in school is how to be efficient. When you create a menu, it’s really impossible to anticipate how to use every item of produce in it’s prime moment. That’s where the specials come in. It’s the chef’s job to figure out what we have that’s not being used and create something out of that that might appeal to the customers. This week, it was butternut squash and brazil nuts. So, I decided to juice the butternut squash to use in the filling.

Then I went about making a crust to go with it (using brazil nuts). I wanted to make one using buckwheat flour because many of the crusts in the restaurant use oat flour (which my boyfriend is allergic to). I added some bits of cranberry and orange zest to make it pretty.

naked balls
The first crust I made turned out too mushy. I learned that you can either make a chilled crust using coconut oil. Or you can make a dehydrated crust using maple syrup. But I made a mushy combo that didn’t really do either. It tasted good though. So I decided to roll it up into balls and make donut holes.

I coated the balls in maple syrup, and then I covered them with coconut flakes. They turned out pretty yummy.

Then, I made a nice chilled crust using coconut oil.

The filling was a creamy cashew filling with butternut squash and orange flavors, and it was topped with a quenelle of maple cream.

The plate was garnished with a blood orange syrup with chocolate ganache accents. Overall, I think it went pretty well. There are only a few left. James was really moving the ‘Striped Tarts’ today. Ladan said that whoever sold the most tarts could have whichever one they wanted. So I made him one to go at the end of the day. HOORAY!

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