Fancy Chocolates

Today was my first try at making hard chocolate candies.

caramel filling
This particular batch had a caramel filling. Needless to say, I was making friends today.

These candies are quite a bit trickier to make than say your CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES in one major respect. Making hard chocolates requires using tempered chocolate. Essentially, when chocolate solidifies it has a certain molecular structure to it. It forms a lattice of sorts. When the chocolate adheres to this structure, it’s said to be ‘in temper’. If the the structure is disrupted (by melting it all the way), you have to go through this process of teaching it how to form the solid structure again (which can be really complicated). Our approach this time was to not let the chocolate lose it’s temper (keep it within a certain temperature range). Thus, we were able to avoid dealing with this issue. It’s my firm belief that avoiding complicated issues on the first go round is always a good strategy. 🙂

Here are some chocolate squares that we boxed up to sell in the SHOP.

I could definitely get used to this. I suspect that these little candies are going to make me a very popular girl.

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