Pastry Girl

kelly and me
As I mentioned YESTERDAY, I’m going to be working on the pastry station for the next two weeks. Here I am with KELLY (the most amazing pastry chef) who has been training me. She has a blog too (It’s the link on her name). You should check it out.

banana cacao
Working in pastry is really fun. It’s amazing to have so many things prepped and at your disposal. So many more possibilities to imagine. This is the banana cacao tart from the winter menu. Kelly made some beautiful banana-cacao wafers to garnish them with.

Also from the winter menu is the pear frangipane tart garnished with maple cream, candied almonds, and a chocolate ganache.

raspberry special
This is a special that we have right now. We just happened to have an abundance of the most beautiful raspberries. So Kelly used the tart dough from the banana-cacao tart and filled them with a white chocolate cream. Then she topped them with raspberries and used the glaze from the pear frangipane tarts to add the beautiful sheen. The pastry operation is a tight ship, I tell ya.

This is David, one of the guides at 105. He sold a lot of tarts today. In fact, we sold out of them already.
We’re going to have to make more tomorrow. Because I’m going to bring one home to my folks this weekend. They’re not really sold on raw food yet. I’m thinking this tart might change their minds…

OH PS…The news van has been parked at 105 the last couple of mornings filming stuff. Here is a CLIP:

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