New Life: Part Deux

first day
For those of you keeping track (following up from NEW YEAR’S), chef school started up again this week in full force. Here I am on the first day with a couple of my new classmates, HELEN and SONJA. Everyone in my class is really interesting and our backgrounds are really varied. We are broken up in two groups (A and B). I’m in group A which is the morning shift, and I’m still recovering from the time change (which is why I haven’t posted). Morning shifts are NOT very punk rock. 🙂

mexican chop
This week has been pretty climactic at 105 DEGREES. Not only did school start Monday, but the restaurant went live with the new menu on that day as well. Lots of changes afoot. This is one of the new menu items, the Mexican Chop Salad (made by Sonja).

Anjela, one of my classmates, came up with the beautiful garnish for this dish. It’s the coconut curry, and it’s fantastic.

This is one of the trickier items to make on the new menu but also one of the most delicious…the Canneloni (made by Helen).

Each of us is assigned to a particular station for the next two weeks. Sonja is on the Mediterranean and Latin station. Anjela is the Asian station. Helen is Ms. Italiano, and I am the Pastry Girl. I will fill you in on my station tomorrow. Way to ring in the new decade, huh?

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