New Year, New Decade, New Life: Part One


Happy New Year, everyone! I love New Year’s. New possibilities are so uplifting. I found this post I wrote for NEW YEAR’S 2008. It’s kind of interesting to look back at things you saw as possibilities (back then) with the benefit of hindsight. A lot has changed in that short time and little did I know how much IMPACT my wheatgrass plan of 2008 would have. Well, this time it’s not just a new year. It’s a new decade. Time for a more ambitious plan.

kombuchaMy goal for 2010 (the year) is simple. I just want to kick this CANDIDA INFECTION to the curb. There seem to be a million different ideas out there for how to go about doing that. But I think I’ve settled on a strategy that seems to be working for me. Here is a batch of kombucha I have brewing to help combat the infection. You can see that the SCOBY has started to separate into a mother and a daughter colony. That means it’s almost ready! I have a couple of these going right now. So that I can have a constant supply of affordable kombucha.


This morning for breakfast, I had some homemade dairy-free YOGURT made from coconut meat. This batch was a lavendar-vanilla. Basically, the mantra is to kill the bad stuff and re-populate with the good stuff.

probioticThis is the acidophilus I’ve been putting in my yogurt. I’ve been doing probiotic capsules too, but they’re really expensive. So, I’m hoping that I can get more bang for my buck by incorporating it into my food. This entire bottle ran me about $12. A bottle of capsules would be at least 2-5X that (depending on what you get). We’ll see how it goes. I’ll keep you posted on the effectiveness. I can say that although I am still having die off symptoms, they seem to be getting less severe. It’s only been a few weeks though.

Beyond that, I don’t have big ambitions for this year. Basically, I want to focus on my health issues one at a time until I stop having them. I’m hoping that this is the last of my health dramas. As far as the decade goes, well that’s a little more complicated. So, I’ll save that for part two.

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