Kitchenette Salad

revived kale
Well, as I mentioned in the last post, I’m SANS KITCHEN at the moment. So, I’m trying to keep things simple. Today I made a kale salad. I’ve had trouble lately finding kale that isn’t all wilted. This kale was looking pretty limp when I picked it up. So, I cut the tips off and dunked them in a bowl full of water. They livened up quite nicely. Works much better than the fridge.

kale bits
To make my salad, I started by ripping the kale into bite size pieces and rinsing them.

Next, I massaged the kale with a little olive oil and sea salt…

…followed by a little squeeze of lemon over the top.

kitch salad
And since I’ve taken to the THING lately, I garnished with a little nori and VOILA…a quick and healthy meal that even a transient could love!

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