Asian Fusion

asian fusion
Look what I ate for dinner last night. It’s some kind of asian-latin fusion salad. I had a roomate in college who was an asian-latin fusion. Really smart guy. But still a smooth operator. Anyway…

This is Gonzalo. He works in the station next to me. I work the lasagna station, and Gonzalo works the sushi station. It was kind of slow last night. So, Gonzalo was creating masterpieces for people for dinner.

w nori
It’s like a spinach guacamole salad with like a sesame/almond butter dressing and kelp noodles on top. There an avocado in a bell pepper on the side with chili flakes and sesame seeds.

I asked for some extra nori on top. MATTHEW KENNEY started this thing at the restaurant where everybody’s been putting nori in their salads. He started doing it, and now EVERYBODY is doing it. I have to admit though. It IS pretty good.

Sucks to be me. Doesn’t, it? 🙂

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