Here are the three flavors of kombucha I made for my first batch. I actually INOCULATED my tea a couple weeks ago and have been allowing it to sit in at room temperature (away from direct sunlight) to ferment.

Here you can see my little SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) growing tentacles. It kind of looks like a jellyfish.

pouring kombuchasOnce it’s fermented, all there is left to do is to pour your kombucha and add flavoring. You can flavor it however you like. In my case, I used grapefruit and blood orange juice. You can leave it out at room temp a little longer if you want it to be fizzier. Or you can refrigerate it. Just be sure to drink it within a week or so. My boyfriend is hopelessly addicted to these. He drinks one to three a DAY. I am going to save so much money! HOORAY!

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