Recipe Testing and Menu Planning

This week was all about planning our menus for our final. We were given a basic structure (first course, second course, and dessert). After that, it was the wild, wild west (I heard this phrase uttered a lot this week). This is probably the hardest time to be the teacher and the funnest time to be the student. Ladan and Chelsea seemed baffled at times by the issues that arose. Though admittedly, it was rather amusing to watch the whole thing play out.

corn and pom
At first, it’s a little overwhelming. No recipes? No parameters? What will I do? It’s interesting how when you just sit back and let things unfold, a natural order emerges. Chaos actually has a rather elegant structure. Things that are seemingly unrelated actually have a recurring theme. Mother nature actually went to great lengths to leave us some clues. Here’s one she left for me.

pom reduction
I spent a lot of time scraping seeds out of pomegranates to make this pomegranate reduction sauce.

marinated veggies
I’ll wait until tuesday to tell you what my menu is. But here is a sneak preview of some of my prep.

This was a first run of my entree. I think I’m on the right track, but I want to make a few improvements…

One of my classmates, Elizabeth, had to take her final early. So, we got a preview of the process.

She made the most amazing empanadas! She also made tostadas with ‘beans’ and ‘rice’.

mole ice cream
For dessert, she served cacao mole ice cream.

me and elizabeth
I was sad to see her go. We’ve had a wonderful experience together.

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