Chocolate Truffles

I finally made something my nephew will eat! I was starting to get a bad reputation. Everything was so healthy looking that he wouldn’t even try it. So, it was time to bring out the big guns…chocolate truffles!

truffle miseThis is my mise en place for truffles: mesquite, almond, lavender, himalayan pink salt, goji, and maca. I laid them all out on parchment paper for easy cleanup. Ladan said it looked like a palette. The mesquite, almond, and maca powders were rolled all the way around. But the goji, lavendar, and salt truffles were sprinkled more sparingly on top.

This is the almond truffle, my nephew’s favorite.

salt truffle
Himalayan pink salt truffle.

truffle rows
Maybe I shouldn’t have written this post in the morning. Now I think I’m gonna have one for breakfast…

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