Yesterday, when I got to school, there were about forty school kids at the restaurant. MATTHEW KENNEY did a raw food demo for them. These kids were SMART. I was amazed and entertained.

I thought it was cute that they all tried to squish in together. There were eleven people at this table. AMAZING.

laidanOnce the commotion settled down a little, Ladan started to talk to us about WHEATGRASS and JUICING. First, we each had a shot of wheatgrass.  I put some of it on my lip.  The dry air in Minnesota split my lip right at the hinge before I left.  I’d tried every manner of ointment the last couple weeks, but it wasn’t getting better.  So yesterday I smudged a little wheatgrass on there.  Today, it’s better!    Next, Laidan made us a basic green juice, and she sent us on our way with some pretty exotic recipes.

thai green
This is the thai green – a savory/sweet combo.

cuc mint
The cucumber mint cooler was mild and refreshing.

hot pink
The hot pink was pretty interesting. It had beet, pineapple, and some ginger I think.

making amp
Then, we set to work inventing our our juice recipe. Here’s mine:

3 blood oranges
5 stalks celery
1/2 C daikon radish

Because the asian mafia princess sees a lot of blood and gore, she needs the celery to keep her cool.

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