sprouting jars
Yesterday, we started working with sprouts (something which I’ve done a fair amount of EXPERIMENTING with in the past). I was even getting my sprouts from the same SOURCE. So I’d actually tried most of the sprout blends already…EXCEPT this one.

Amber waves of grain. I haven’t done sprouted grains yet, AND my best friend’s name is Amber. So, this seemed like the ticket. We started these soaking overnight. I’ll check back with you in a few days on those.

Next, we got to work making a recipe using sprouts…some SPRING ROLLS. I’ve made a few recipes like this in the past, but today’s was probably my favorite. This is my mise en place which is the culinary term for having your prep ready.

basil chiffonade
No roll is complete without your basil chiffonade.

fiesta wraps
Viola! Mine was a little busy again, but you get the idea.

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