Ani's Raw Food Kitchen

ani phyo

I haven’t posted in forever.  But I’ve been busy restructuring my life to make room for the higher vibrations.  At least, that’s what I’d like to think I’m doing.  Plus, my boyfriend left town again 🙂  I just got a new book which I think is my favorite so far.  I like her attitude about things.  She has a developed palatte, but she also seems to have a low maintenance demeanor.  And that is right up my alley.  I read through the book right away and it went pretty fast.  But it’s definitely more of a recipe book than an information gathering book.  There is a lot of useful info about the raw philosophy in here, but a lot of things get repeated I think assuming that most people won’t read the whole thing.  But I’ve already started making nut milks with dates instead of honey.  It’s good!  Thicker and somehow less hollow.  And I’m at least visualizing the organic garden and compost I want to start when I move (which I hope will be soon).

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