Fig and Grape Cleansing Shake

I made a new discovery this week that I’m really pleased about…the fig and grape cleansing shake from RAW FOOD REAL WORLD.

Not only is it perfectly in season right now, but it has some magical properties.

Apparently, grapes and figs have magical cleansing properties and are really good for clearing mucous from your system. This is great for me as I have this asthmatic condition which flares up now and again, and I’ve found this drink to be really helpful. It has a similar effect for me of taking a steroid inhaler. Clearing up that tight feeling in your chest. Or the feeling like you have something stuck in your throat? Drink this. It’s great.

An added bonus…it tastes really good too.

I lifted my glass to the UPTOWN BAR, a famous Minneapolis music venue that’s about to disappear. This was probably the healthiest drink this glass has ever seen. 🙂

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