Living Raw Food

living raw foodI finally got a copy of Sarma’s new book. I had seen a copy of it before (DEBBIE brought her copy when we when out to lunch) and put it on my wish list. But I finally convinced my boyfriend that he needed to get it for my birthday since Sarma and I have the same birthday. The book itself is beautiful. It’s very well organized, and the recipes look amazing. Apparently, there was some grumbling about all the pictures of the restaurant staff (some of them smoking) being superfluous. As a person who discovered raw food in pursuit of relief from health issues, I can relate a little. It comes off as a conflict of intention. But in reading the liner notes, I could see where she was coming from. She actually had some really amusing anecdotes about hard core raw foodists wanting to serve guests barefoot. She talks about being open and not judging people for how much they adhere to a raw food ideal – which seems like a healthy attitude. She also talks about how she herself hasn’t really had a huge health crisis to rise above. So I can understand her sentiment. As for the pictures of the staff, I loved that. It’s very clear that the book is a result of a community effort with many members of the staff contributing to it’s success. I think the fact that she makes a point of including them is great. I was not put off by it at all. In fact, it made me have fantasies about working there myself. It seems like a positive, supportive environment. She even mentions how members of her staff come and go. Some of them go work somewhere else and come back. Some go on tour with their bands. That sounds right up my alley. I am definitely going to check the place out when I got to New York in a few weeks (to play a show with my band).

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